Port Authority Police Detectives Endowment Association

PO Box 2208
South Station
Newark, NJ 07114

Tel: 201-216-6548

Fax: 201-216-6286

Membership: All current PAPD Detectives.

In addition to conducting routine criminal investigations on Port Authority (PA) property, our members conduct internal and external sensitive investigations, gather intelligence, interdict drugs and drug money, conduct anti-crime activities, protect VIPs, and assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in the bistate New York-New Jersey Metropolitan region.

As Port Authority Detectives, we have police powers in both New York and New Jersey. Additionally, Detectives on loan to federal task forces have federal powers bestowed upon them depending on the agency that Detective is loaned to or works with. Among the cooperating agencies the Port Authority Detectives are assigned to are the FBI, US Customs and US DEA.

Port Authority Detectives belong to several special task force groups from the above federal agencies along with other state, county and local police. In these task forces and also independentally, Port Authority Detectives have been involved in large scale investigations of major theft rings, drug smuggling activity, and terrorist activity. Several Port Authority Detectives have received awards and recognition while assigned to these agencies and involved in other special investigations.