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Port Authority N.Y. & N.J. Detectives Endowment Association

Harry Myers Awards

The Harry Myers medal is awarded annually to a Detective who best emulates the attributes of the late Port Authority Detective Harry Myers.  Consideration is given to case management, involvement and cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, notable arrests or involvement in a major event or a combination of these factors during that year. Detective Supervisors present a nominee along with appropriate documentation, after which a vote is taken in a selection is made. If more than one nominee is considered qualified duplicate awards may be given out.

The medal was first proposed in 1974 when the International Association of Credit Card Investigators (IACCI) wished to honor Harry upon his untimely passing. A medal in his honor was does was designed by Detective Sergeant James Verdino at the request of Captain William Cox, the Commanding Officer the Criminal Investigations Bureau at the time.

Harry was a highly decorated police officer and detective. He had been recognized with various Department commendations and was the recipient of the Port Authority police's highest medal, the Medal of Honor.  At the time of his passing he was assigned to the Intelligence Squad at JFK Airport where he had been recognized by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as groups such as IACCI.

It is indeed an honor and tribute to Harry for those whom receive this award.

Harry Myers Award Recipients:


1974: Russell Fischer

1975: Thomas Stallard

1977: George McCarthy

1977: August Colendenski

1978: Pedro Colazzo

1978: Thomas Coyle

1979: Edward Ferry

1979 John Salva



1980: Perry Baia

1980: Frank Carlomagno

1982: William White

1982: Benedetto Cracco

1983: Charles Schmidt

1984: Maat Freeman

1984: Robert Fuchs

1985: Marcel Myers

1986: William Ahrens

1987: Marvin Gibson

1987: Raymond Nafey

1988: George Accomando

1988: Kenneth Vitty

1989: Evan Goodstein

1989: Charles Yuengst


1990: John Trotter

1991: George Dorner

1992: Thomas Inman

1993: Salvatore Spataro

1993: Frank Ellis

1994: Raymond Nafey

1994: Bruce Viania

1995: Felice Passaro

1995: Michael Molina

1995: Mathew Besheer

1996: Thomas Blondet III

1996: Nicholas Della Serra

1997: Patricia Rosaschi

1998: Phillip Stephenson

1998: Christian Eng

1999: Terry Ng



2000: Curtis King

2001: Albert Gachett

2001: James Wheeler

2002: William Kehoe

2003: Steven Poulos

2004: Frank A. Crimarco

2005: Edwin Rodriguez

2006: Warren A. Davis

2007: John Reilly

2008: Frank Jacobs

2009: James R. Wyka


2010: Lawrence Mays

2011: Dewan Maharaj

2012: Edward Rapp

2012: Kevin Ward

2013: Richard Paugh

2013: Juan Garcia

2014: Ronald "Dave" LeClaire

2015: French Pearson

2016: Neil Quan

2017: Patricia Mincielli

2017: Shawn Fitzpatrick

2018: Thomas Kemble

2019: Phil Tysowski