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Port Authority N.Y. & N.J. Detectives Endowment Association

The Detectives Endowment Association represents the active Detectives of the Port Authority of N.Y. & N.J.  We provide a variety of benefits and services to our members including; representing our members at contract negotiations, binding interest arbitration at all government levels, provide legal representation and promote social, fraternal and community-based activities. Our members have police powers in both New York and New Jersey.  Additionally, Port Authority Detectives are assigned to several Federal Taskforces with the Department of Justice and are deputized with Federal Authority. Detectives are assigned to several interagency Taskforces along with other State, County and Local Police.  Independently, Port Authority Detectives have supported large scale investigations of major theft rings, drug smuggling and terrorist activities. Several Detectives have received awards and recognition while assigned to these Taskforces and in other special investigations.

About the Detectives Endowment Association

Port Authority Detectives conduct criminal investigations, gather intelligence, interdiction of drugs and drug money, anti-crime activities, and protect VIP’s at all properties operated by the Port Authority.  Our members also support Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Region.

Meet the Executive Board of the DEA

Donald Conklin

Det. Donald Conklin

15 Year Member Detective Endowment Association

Eric Lynch

Det. Eric Lynch

1st Vice President
19 Years of Service Port Authority NY & NJ
27 Years Law Enforcement Service

Male Placeholder

Det. Lenard Marone

2nd Vice President
More details to come

Nicole Manzella

Det. Nicole Manzella

14 Years of Service Port Authority NY & NJ

Thomas Kemble

Det. Thomas Kemble

Recording Secretary
13 Years of Service Port Authority NY & NJ
3rd Generation Law Enforcement Officer

Male Placeholder

Det. Anthony Young

Sergeant At Arms
14 Years of Service Port Authority NY & NJ
US Navy Veteran

Michele Fusco

Det. Michele Fusco

14 Years of Service Port Authority NY & NJ